Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Searching for Goslings

Today I was on a search for goslings down by the canal. 
At first this little lost one was the only gosling I could find.

Next on the walk down the canal was this mama and her little ducklings.
This guy showed up next quite briefly. 
I am lucky to have gotten a picture. 
He was so fast I had to look at my picture when I got home 
to see what he actually looked like. 
I had no idea what he was so on a whim I looked up what a muskrat looked like and, 
what do you know, it looks just like him.
Finally I came upon what I was looking for - the geese and their goslings.
There were five in total.

Not shown are the turtles that were in the water and 
came up for air and were gone so fast, 
there was no chance to even try to capture them in a photo.

Hoping you find what you are looking for,


Tuesday, April 9, 2019

A Tale of Two Quilt Tops and a Repair

As I was browsing some antiques last week, 
I found a few exciting treasures to bring home. 
The first one is a top that I will quilt.  
It has fabrics in it that remind me of some of the kits I have seen from the 1970s 
but also some quite older fabrics.  
It makes me think someone was trying to make a quilt with some found blocks
 and had to add some current fabrics to finish it up.  
I will be the one to finish it as a complete quilt.
This next one is also a top in need of quilting.  
It is cross stitch on preprinted blocks.
It also has the quilting lines preprinted on it. 
 If I had not just seen one of my quilty friends working on something similar, 
it would not have occurred to me to grab this one. 
I think it will make a sweet little quilt when done.
The last of the three I have featured on my 365 day blog.  
It is a complete quilt with the exception of the quite large and noticeable hole in it.
The damage is really mostly in the background fabric.
I figure I will need to sew five or six curved seams 
to replace the pieces that are damaged, 
sew the top back together, 
Frankenstein piece some batting, 
appliqué a new chunk of backing on it 
and add some hand quilting to match what is there. 
Good as done.

Wishing you things to be excited about,


Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Oh, Deer!

While at Crown Hill Cemetery (click here) today, we came across this herd of deer
 running across the road in front of us.  
They were so beautiful, we followed the road for a closer look.  
I got this close and was definitely being watched by several.  
I took one step closer and they decided that was close enough.
Off they went.
We thought there were about fourteen,
but if you zoom in on this shot, you can count fifteen in all.  

Wishing you wonderful surprises, 

(In researching for this post I came upon no less than five different names for a group of deer 
so I went with the easiest: herd.)

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Cicada Observation Adventure

GB#1 has been with us for a little over two weeks.  
We have had many adventures and done lots of fun activities, 
but every visit has to end and she will be flying back to her home tomorrow.  
While playing on the play set one last time before her visit was over, 
GB#1 discovered a cicada emerging from its shell.
We were fascinated by it so we watched its tiny curled wings unfurl.
It wiggled and twitched its legs until they were free of the shell.

Its wings continued to get larger 
and one final push was needed to finally be completely out of the shell.
It rested while its wings dried.
Once it was ready the cicada left the shell behind
and ventured off.
Cicada number two was found nearby and was a bit behind the first in emergence
but caught up quickly.
The third cicada was just as impressive as the other two. 
I hope this is another adventure that GB#1 remembers for years to come. 

Wishing you adventures to remember,


Sunday, June 11, 2017

Hello, It's Been a While

It's been way too long since I've posted anything here, 
so here's a quick look at our backyard this very summery day. 
There are so many more cicada shells everywhere. 
The robins are quite active as are the silly squirrels.
Later as we were out and about 
we drove by for a sneak peek at the former residence of Little E, L and GB#1  
and then stopped to watch the sun go down on our way home. 
It was quite lovely. 
And lastly, here are Fireball and I at a company event 
at a nearby amusement park on Saturday. 
I am wearing my newly refashioned t-shirt.

Thanks for visiting.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

On a Walk

Summer is making the flowers turn brown. 

Although some of them are trying to hold on.

Wishing you beauty in the last days of summer,

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Happy Fourth of July!

I do love to coordinate a holiday table.
I serged the bandanas together for a very quick table cloth project.  
Because of the rainy, soggy day, we ate inside, 
but the new table cover will work outside as well. 
The water for the flowers was tinted blue.
Corn muffins filled the patriotic cupcake liners.
M made red, white and blue pinwheel cookies.
We put fruit on mini skewers for a mini flag.
The dipped and decorated Rick Krispie treats were a big hit. 
Of course we had other food too, but I neglected to get photos of it all.
I will leave you with this quilt top I made on my recent trip to Shipshewana. 

Happy Fourth of July!