Tuesday, November 3, 2015

The Costumes

While everyone else was carving pumpkins, I was icing the cookies that M made.
After the pumpkin fun it was time for pictures of the little people in costumes. 
Here is GB#4 in her Madeline outfit that I made for her.
GB#3 was a sly little fox.  His mom made the tail.
GB#2 joined her sister (GB#4) as Cinderella in her wedding gown.
GB#1 was excited to be a witch
 and was happy to tell everyone that witches say "ha, ha, ha" quite maniacally.
It was quite the feat, but I managed to get a couple shots with all four little ones. 

I hope your Halloween was as fun as ours. 


Monday, November 2, 2015

Pumpkins and Paint

Early Saturday afternoon the family all came over to carve pumpkins.
The little ones did some pumpkin painting.
Some of the paint didn't make it to the pumpkin, but no one cared.
When all was said and done we had an aardvark,
Max (Where the Wild Things Are),
Shy Guy (Super Mario Bros.),
Hello Kitty, Cinderella,
and a pineapple to welcome our trick-or-treaters. 

Tomorrow - the costumes.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Birthday Doll

I made this sweet little doll for a sweet little birthday girl. 
The pattern comes from Mollie Makes issue 14. 
I made a few changes to customize her. 
I used felted wool instead of wool felt.  Yes, there is a difference. 
I fused the wool to the base fabric 
and then used decorative machine stitches to secure the edges. 
I cut the front of the shoes differently to give the appearance of a Mary Jane shoe, 
and added a bow to the headband. 
GB#4 (the birthday girl) inspected her face and then promptly 
put the doll's head in her mouth.  
I believe this is the true sign of approval.

Wishing you time to create,

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Rain, Rain, and More Rain

This evening a strange looking sky turned into a thunderstorm.
The drainage ditches filled up quickly as the storm settled in for a while.
They began to merge with the now flooding street.
Soon we couldn't tell where the yard ended and the road began.
As the drainage pipes couldn't process the amount of water, 
it poured over the driveway and into the yard. 
The rain has now subsided and the water has receded. 
This doesn't happen often so it made for an exciting evening.

Wishing you a little excitement,

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Old Friends

These gentlemen all went to college together and lived on the same floor of their dorm.
That was forty years ago. 
Today was the annual golf outing and cookout.
Or you could call it what it is, the reunion.
For some it had been a few years since they had seen each other.
There was reminiscing over old photo albums
and catching up to do. 
Some will see each other during the year on purpose or by coincidence. 
If not, they will see each other again next year.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Can you come out?

This little guy came to the front door this morning.
Can you come out and play?
Or I can just lick your welcome mat.
But really, can you play?

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Easter Dresses Revealed

As promised, here is the Easter dress reveal.  The patterns above are the ones I used.  
They came from my childhood home, have been in my possession for many years 
and are dated 1959 and 1957.
Dress number one was made for GB#4.

I love the details that are a part of the vintage patterns.

Of course, the dress alone was not enough.  It needed a sweet pinafore.
The back was just as sweet as the front.
The details continue on the pinafore.
Ruffled eyelet trim,
and a scalloped hem complete the look.
GB#4 seems happy with her new outfit.
Dress number two was made for GB#2.  
I used a different floral than the first dress but used the same pink gingham for the accents. 
The details continue on this dress.

It was such a joy to work on and complete these little treasures. 
I love the outcome.  Mom (CJ) was especially thrilled.
And since the girls were dressed in their new duds, 
I took the opportunity to do a quick photo shoot of their whole family. 
(T-Bone and CJ with GB#2 and GB#4)