Thursday, February 28, 2013


Warning:  Knit heavy post.  
There is a reward for those of you who make it all the way to the end. 
Yes, if you are not into knitting, go ahead and scroll all the way to the end.  I don't mind.
Recently I've completed some knitting projects 
and made some decisions about long completed items.
This little pixie hat was completed several years ago with no recipient in mind.
I bought the yarn on vacation in Washington.
The pattern was free with the purchase of the yarn.
I now have a willing recipient, so GB#2 is the proud owner of a new hat.
Next is a cozy little neck warmer.  
This was actually almost finished a long time ago.
All the knitting was done but the sewing together up the back was not going well.
So it went into the "I don't want to think about it anymore" spot.
Finally, the other day, I got it back out and made up my mind to make it work.
The cables were not fitting together properly at the join.  
I started there and did the best I could and then did the middle.
I am assured by my family that any little goofs will be covered by my hair.
I believe that the saying "Done is better than perfect" fits here.
The next recent finish is a belated Christmas gift.
One end has free form cables and the other has something a little more planned. 
Much to my surprise my son, T-Bone, had never received a hand-knit scarf 
and asked for one for Christmas.
This is the same project I showed in this post on my 366 day blog.  
The color here is much closer to its actual color.
And finally, 
I gave you a sneak peek at this last project in the post about lining my knitting bag.
GB#1 is also the proud owner of a new hat.
And now for your reward for getting to the end of this post... 
A couple weeks ago I saw this on my drive home.
The sky looked like it was actually on fire. 
I pulled the car over to take the picture.  It was absolutely not to be missed.
Thanks for hanging in there with me.


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  1. Hi Sharon, I cant believe I missed this post!! I love all your knitted hats, scarves and neck warmers - beautiful!!
    AND the reward for reading to the end - fantastic... what a beautiful photo. Thank you for thinking of us when you took it!!!!