Saturday, August 9, 2014

Smiles and Twirls

I've made a blue dress for the birthday girl
I used the swing dress option from the First Day dress and top pattern from Made.  
I added blue rickrack,
and made her a blue button necklace.
 Can you tell that blue is the current favorite color?
The dress has a back slit and button opening,
and is lined with a fun dotted print.
In fact the lining actually makes this dress reversible.
I think the necklace looks equally well with this side of the dress,
and the dress that is now the lining is just as fun on the flip side.
I am considering this completed project a success 
based on the smiles and endless twirling that happened today.

Wishing you fun completions,


  1. Absolutely gorgeous!! Cool idea with the reversibility!!

  2. This is absolutely a beautiful dress for a beautiful little girl. Adorable. That the dress is reversible is a gift Raewyn.

  3. WOW this is beautiful, you are so talented!! I wonder if we could make one for grown ups....

  4. What a pretty little girl ! Smiles and endless twirling are an absolute giveaway she loves it !