Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Picking Favorites

Day 26 of the June Challenge:  Your Favorite Color

I have to tell you that I love color.  
If you asked someone who knows me what my favorite color is, they might say red (I do love red), or orange (a current favorite), or spring green.  
I own every color of Fiesta dinnerware that is currently or recently available just so I can change them out with the seasons and holidays.  
It would really be impossible to pick an actual favorite so for this assignment I am going to go way back to my childhood days and pick blue.  
Blue was always my favorite color growing up.  To this day it still makes me happy.  
I love blue and white dishes and blue and white quilts.  
So I guess you could say that my lasting favorite color is blue.

More tomorrow,

1 comment:

  1. I'm with you Sharon having difficulty choosing a favourite colour. Sometimes I think it is a particular tyoe of tone that I like perhaps rather than a particular colour..?
    Anyway, this is a lovely photo...beautiful colours :-)
    I guess you would have no trouble feeding extra guests at your house with all that dinnerware!!