Friday, April 18, 2014

Spring in the Neighborhood

I went for a walk around the neighborhood 
to see if I might find something different to take a photo of for my 365 Day blog.
I found beautiful things I don't have in my own garden.
I found some that I do have.
I found a Sweet Gum tree that is not leafing out yet 
and, for Raewyn, those spiky things from the Sweet Gum on the ground. 
I found more lovely daffodils,
but the shot I liked the best came from my own backyard. 


  1. Gorgeous photos, Sharon! How nice to see spring finally turning up for you. Thanks for the 'Sweet Gum' photo!

  2. I think I will put some daffodils in my garden next year (so I'll have beautiful flowers to shoot). Your pictures are great, Sharon, as usual.