Thursday, February 27, 2014

Finally Home

When we last met I had made a clay tree on a snowy day with my friends.  
The trees have been fired and returned to their respective creators.
The trees were made in sections.  Mine starts with swirls on the bottom.
This section reminded me of cross hatching and resembles an owl.
Here is a little fan quilting.
And, of course, you know I love birds.
The top reminds me of an ice cream cone.
I like the way the red clay shows through the sky blue glaze.
I put a few cut outs in the sections so I can have a little glow when I put a light in it.
I took a couple of the cut outs and placed them back on the tree for more texture.
I think my favorite part is the star on the top. 
It had a small mishap since I last saw it, but it has been repaired.
I'm not sure where in the house my tree will end up, 
but I really do love my tree.

Wishing you some creative time,


  1. Looks great! Where did you do this at?

  2. Totally unique nd absolutely gorgeous!! Love the quilting patterns in it!

  3. The result of your day is lovely!

  4. Love the tree when I saw it in person. The photos are great and show beautiful details along with your words. Thanks for sharing.