Saturday, October 25, 2014

Pumpkin Day

Every year we carve pumpkins just before Halloween.  Today was that day.  
Above is my "before" pumpkin.
This is my "after."
Here is M's "before"
and her "after."
She wasn't entirely happy with her first one so she did a second.
Almost "before" for L.
"After" for L.
R's owl.
And Little E's progress got derailed by an unwell child.
While we are on the pumpkin theme I thought I'd show you some adorable things M made.
These are crocheted pumpkin trick-or-treat bags for the little girls.
Her stitches are beautiful.
She is quick and is good with the details.
The little girls will have fun filling them with goodies.

Wishing you creative time,

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  1. Gorgeous little bags Sharon and fun pumpkins! Looks like there is a real art to the pumpkin carving!