Thursday, August 24, 2017

Cicada Observation Adventure

GB#1 has been with us for a little over two weeks.  
We have had many adventures and done lots of fun activities, 
but every visit has to end and she will be flying back to her home tomorrow.  
While playing on the play set one last time before her visit was over, 
GB#1 discovered a cicada emerging from its shell.
We were fascinated by it so we watched its tiny curled wings unfurl.
It wiggled and twitched its legs until they were free of the shell.

Its wings continued to get larger 
and one final push was needed to finally be completely out of the shell.
It rested while its wings dried.
Once it was ready the cicada left the shell behind
and ventured off.
Cicada number two was found nearby and was a bit behind the first in emergence
but caught up quickly.
The third cicada was just as impressive as the other two. 
I hope this is another adventure that GB#1 remembers for years to come. 

Wishing you adventures to remember,



  1. I love these cicada photos. We often see the shells and cicadas at the lake but I have never been privi to watching as one emerges. Wow! I enjoyed seeing Scout at Nancy's. I hadn't realized her dad was having surgery. So glad he is well enough to head home. Give my best to Erin and her husband. I will keep them in my prayers. You will now readjust to quiet at home as I have after wonderful times with the grandchildren.

  2. Incredible!! I've never seen one shedding its skin before! I love finding the skins around on the tree but always through they must shed at night when no one can see! Fabulous that you had Scout for wo whole weeks - I trust all is ok and everyone is well.