Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Oh, Deer!

While at Crown Hill Cemetery (click here) today, we came across this herd of deer
 running across the road in front of us.  
They were so beautiful, we followed the road for a closer look.  
I got this close and was definitely being watched by several.  
I took one step closer and they decided that was close enough.
Off they went.
We thought there were about fourteen,
but if you zoom in on this shot, you can count fifteen in all.  

Wishing you wonderful surprises, 

(In researching for this post I came upon no less than five different names for a group of deer 
so I went with the easiest: herd.)


  1. What a treat to see so many deer at one time and in the city no less.

  2. How special is this... I occasionally see single deer, but never a group like this.