Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Searching for Goslings

Today I was on a search for goslings down by the canal. 
At first this little lost one was the only gosling I could find.

Next on the walk down the canal was this mama and her little ducklings.
This guy showed up next quite briefly. 
I am lucky to have gotten a picture. 
He was so fast I had to look at my picture when I got home 
to see what he actually looked like. 
I had no idea what he was so on a whim I looked up what a muskrat looked like and, 
what do you know, it looks just like him.
Finally I came upon what I was looking for - the geese and their goslings.
There were five in total.

Not shown are the turtles that were in the water and 
came up for air and were gone so fast, 
there was no chance to even try to capture them in a photo.

Hoping you find what you are looking for,


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